Can I use 3 pin DMX cables instead of XLR?

I am putting together a reasonably priced system after a remodel. I have the option of using balanced inputs/ outputs. I already have 3 pin DMX cables that were too short for a friend who does lighting.  The DMX cables are 110 ohms and the XLRs are 75.  My friend said the DMXs have lower capacitenance and should be better.  Is that true?  I love music but I am just at the beginning of learning about equipment and I did not find much on the net that wasnt more concerned with lighting.  I trust my friend and all but I would appreciate some community input too.  Thanks!
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Hey thanks for the response. I ordered some xlr connects from guitar center and the order got cancelled so I just ordered some from monoprice and did not want to wait for them to arrive to start playing with my new toys!
If there is any difference in playback through the different connects I will post it here after I receive the rest of my orders for cables and remaining equipment.
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