Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?

I am not tech-savvy at all, and I'm really sorry if this is the wrong place to post it, but I'm looking for a pair of small decent home speakers for music in the $300 range.

I've heard people on reddit discourage people from buying Beats and Bose but that's the extent of my knowledge! Can someone recommend a pair of speakers to me? Or direct me to the correct subreddit if I'm not in the right place?

Thank you!


Reviews for Energy RC-10 are very very strong, plus I owned a pair for about 15 years and just recently upgraded. They were terrific for music (Video requires a bit more bass, but then there are subs for that). They are very strong for less than $300 and great bass for bookshelf speakers, pretty efficient so they play loud and can handle a lot of power as well. Very well built, bi-amp-able.... plus, if you can find them in rose... they are arguably the best looking speakers you’ll find at most any price. I won’t be selling mine even though I don’t have a use for them at the moment.

edit.... link;

Search amazon or other locations.  Mine are original... not Klipsch so can't say about that.

Your best option (in my not so humble opinion) is to buy a pair of Vanatoo speakers.

But, wait... you're not only buying a pair of speakers. You are buying an amp and a preamp with optical... With Bluetooth connectivity, I use my phone to stream music through these small bookshelf speakers that sound like floor standing full range monsters.

 Check them out on the web and Youtube.


Many good choices listed above and more options available if you go used which typically takes returns out of the equation however. Choice depends on your tastes and what you are going to drive them with. Elacs are nice but like a bit of juice. Klipsch are lively, efficient and can rock if that's your flavor. Wharfedale are nice all-arounders that sound nice with many types of music. The smaller Emotiva's are quite impressive, well reviewed and have a nice, airy ribbon type tweeter. Good luck in your audio journey, it's all fun!

Checkout both the Darko Audio and Audiophiliac YouTube channels. They both put together some budget systems from well build reputable brands

I'm going to agree with a few others here and go with Wharfedale for the money.

I was finishing my Home Theater system and looking for a good center channel. I tried 3 and was not happy until I tried the Wharfedale. Great build quality and dollar for dollar worth the money. If you find a pair of open box from Crutchfield you'll be very happy...