Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?

I am not tech-savvy at all, and I'm really sorry if this is the wrong place to post it, but I'm looking for a pair of small decent home speakers for music in the $300 range.

I've heard people on reddit discourage people from buying Beats and Bose but that's the extent of my knowledge! Can someone recommend a pair of speakers to me? Or direct me to the correct subreddit if I'm not in the right place?

Thank you!

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Check out Music Direct and Audio Advisor.

Do you have an amplifier that you will be using with said speakers?

The Pioneer BS-22 speaker sold for $130 when available. Possibly you can find a used pair.

Wharfedale Diamonds also a good choice. Designed as a quality budget speaker for a nice budget system. Not difficult to drive.

I recommend the PSB Alpha P3 ($300) now available on Audio Advisor. Quite a nicely  engineered speaker for the money!

+1 for Wharfedale Diamonds

At that price point I really don't think you can go wrong with these: 

Open box special. Was $349 now $279 and Music Direct has a generous 30 day no hassle return policy. I had the slightly bigger 12.2 and foolishly let them go.

buy from music direct or crutchdfield

anything with at lesst a 6 1/2 inch woofer will make u happy. 

5 inch woofers are too small for good bass. 

wharfdale, elac, etc

Congratulations! If you get a pair of these Paradigm PW300 on sale you will have an entire streaming system. You won’t need an amp because they are powered speakers. You can download an app to your phone and stream from many sources such as spotify, pandora, tidal, and even local files you already own.



If you want to connect a source like a CD player or a subwoofer you can get the PW600. Remember, you won't need amps or speaker cables:


Good suggestions above but trust your own ears first and foremost.  Kind of like saying pick a liquid to drink.  Some will say water, soft drinks, milk, others beer, wine, scotch, etc..  I for example like many of the above but for some reason have yet to hear a Polk that I liked.  Polk hits my ears like sour milk hits most people's taste buds.  I can be with people and we're all listening to Polk and they are ear to ear smiles, while I'm in misery.  Good luck and happy listening. 


I second what hoosier said.  In this price range, there will be very different sounds signatures so you really need to listen to see what fits your ears the best.  I was shopping for my Dad hears ago and some sounded great and some very flat.   Look for sales or close outs.  I saw some speakers on music direct that were about 40% off in the mid priced range.  

Yep I fully agree with @hoosierinohio. and @12many. You must listen to speakers before you buy them... if you can.  And what someone likes in terms of sound is really different for everyone. Klipsch, Magnepan, Devore Audio, Wilson, B&W and so many others sound so different, but also good.

Welcome!  You’re definitely in the right place and lots of excellent recommendations above.  I’ll add another vote for the Wharfedale Diamonds, but if you can stretch to $599/pr the LSA Signature 50 is in another league entirely.  Here’s a review by a member here…

Best of luck!

My 2 cents-

Audition as many speakers you can access. I know B&M stores aren't as plentiful as when I started, but you need to learn what you like/love. 

Yes, it will take time, but you will not waste time/money on speakers that don't work with your ears.

The best thing is that you will not only learn what you like, but meet people who share your passion. And dealers that know what you want.

The recommendations given are meant in the best possible spirit, but only you can decide what sounds best.


Call John Sollecito at Source Technology tell him Jackie sent you. Just bought a pair of the 1.6WC ‘s for my son they list for $999 John sold them to me for $490. Talk to John about what you need. He will give you options. 806 - 918-3088. John has been building American maid speakers for 40 years. It’s worth a call.

sure, buy my rosewood Joseph RM25XLs ... they are used, but are in 9.99/10 condition and for $1500 you'd be hard pressed to find anything better

I’ve bought from Crutchfield and Audio Advisor several times.  Both of their sales departments were fantastic!  I give Crutchfield the edge only because after talking with someone for about fifteen minutes, he sent me links on everything we talked about No pressure salespeople, just people who are happy to help.

All the best.

Do you mind telling us what other components you may have to go with your system? This might help narrow down the possibilities. I agree with some of the other posts here---if you can audition in person, great. If not, purchase speakers that have a return policy like Crutchfield or Music Direct. Best of luck! 

Check out emotiva they have a very good little monitor  speaker with a AMT tweeter, then save $499 for a Svs pro subwoofer that has a great app to control 

many functions from your seating area ,just buy a decent stand and fill it with play sand. For under $300 Audio advisor.

I have the Wharfedale Diamond 220's in my second system and haven't replaced them for a reason.

Although discontinued, Amazon has the 220's for $250.00.

IMO, Wharfedale at any price point is an incredible value for what you get.

Some speakers sound better a number of feet set back from the front facing wall. Its not just how the speaker sounds in a show room, but how does it sound in your room where you can place your speakers.   

Audio Advisor large choice of high quality budget speakers, great suggestions here…..I’d try to stretch to $500 a pair, a good step up in quality 

Yes- People can suggest what to buy and where to shop.

No- People can't tell you what you will like best.

Get out the shovel and start digging!!


Get a pair of Dayton Audio BR1s in kit form. Not only are they a solid pair of music reproducers, you will have the added awareness of what goes into a speaker besides a credit card swipe.
If you need an amplifier to power them try to track down a Yamaha RN303 if you can find one.  

If RN303 is not available or too costly another very affordable option is this one:
Add a smartphone with access to YouTube or Spotify and you’re golden for under half a $G. 

Reviews for Energy RC-10 are very very strong, plus I owned a pair for about 15 years and just recently upgraded. They were terrific for music (Video requires a bit more bass, but then there are subs for that). They are very strong for less than $300 and great bass for bookshelf speakers, pretty efficient so they play loud and can handle a lot of power as well. Very well built, bi-amp-able.... plus, if you can find them in rose... they are arguably the best looking speakers you’ll find at most any price. I won’t be selling mine even though I don’t have a use for them at the moment.

edit.... link;

Search amazon or other locations.  Mine are original... not Klipsch so can't say about that.

Your best option (in my not so humble opinion) is to buy a pair of Vanatoo speakers.

But, wait... you're not only buying a pair of speakers. You are buying an amp and a preamp with optical... With Bluetooth connectivity, I use my phone to stream music through these small bookshelf speakers that sound like floor standing full range monsters.

 Check them out on the web and Youtube.


Many good choices listed above and more options available if you go used which typically takes returns out of the equation however. Choice depends on your tastes and what you are going to drive them with. Elacs are nice but like a bit of juice. Klipsch are lively, efficient and can rock if that's your flavor. Wharfedale are nice all-arounders that sound nice with many types of music. The smaller Emotiva's are quite impressive, well reviewed and have a nice, airy ribbon type tweeter. Good luck in your audio journey, it's all fun!

Checkout both the Darko Audio and Audiophiliac YouTube channels. They both put together some budget systems from well build reputable brands

I'm going to agree with a few others here and go with Wharfedale for the money.

I was finishing my Home Theater system and looking for a good center channel. I tried 3 and was not happy until I tried the Wharfedale. Great build quality and dollar for dollar worth the money. If you find a pair of open box from Crutchfield you'll be very happy...

I'd check out cheapaudioman's review, surprising amount of choices in-budget!


Kanto YU Passive 5.25" for $239 at Crutchfield. They are not audiophile but they rock, The way to go no matter what speakers you decide on is to buy at a place with a good return policy.

As repeated many times here, yo have to hear the end result. I strongly recommend you find a half dozen music selections that you are familiar with then take disks or even song names from known streaming sites, to a store that can provide you with a reasonable approximation of your system and environment. This is becoming almost impossible now-days but once in a while it can be done. I know that in Denver there wasn't one single store that could accommodate me when looking for a new theatre system. Don't take no for an answer. If they aren't willing to provide you with a decent audition, they don't disserve your hard earned money.

Pioneer Andrew Jones Designed speakers is strong contender for your price range. 

Hey gang, I just want to say that I’m impressed with how many of you engaged

with the OP I  attempting to help him

with his $300 budget. Anyone claiming that audiophiles (at least the ones here) should be referred to this post/thread.

If you are near Indy The Audio Solutions has two floors full of new and used stuff. If you get used you can get more speaker for the money.  

I had the Buchardt 400 first models and they had plenty of bass and sounded great. 

Have fun


For about $300 I would suggest a pair of Sony SS-CS5's and if your system allows a powered Elack SUB-1010-BK subwoofer.   Check the reviews the sony's excellent for less than $200; but lacks lows and the Elac is OK for the $$. Good luck and have fun!!

I am hoping the OP didn't get turned off by the immediate and quickly deleted responses such that he/she disapeared.