Can Stanton "scratch" TT become Hi-Fi?

I just picked up a Stanton T80 turntable for $10. It needs a new cartridge. It is designed for DJ and scratching, has a straight tonearm with standard headshell, analog and S/PDIF outs.
My question is whether this could work as mid-HiFi turntable in the same way that some folks recommend the Technics 1200. Is the straight tonearm an issue? What basic cartridge would be recommended ($100 range)?
Thanks in advance.

Looking at pictures, the straight arm wand on these tables looks like the new, too short variety. These are apparently great for scratching, but horrible for hi-fi as there is up to 18 degrees difference in tracking angle vs. the usual 2-3%.

I am sure there is a different wand (probably s-shaped) available with more proper dimensions for hi-fi record playback. My roommate has a new Numark that came with a stubby short and proper-length S-shape arm that was interchangeable.

$10 is a pretty good price and it's a neat looking 'table! IF it keeps speed quietly and you can actually swap the arm wand out, you should be making some music soon.

RE: Cartridge in the sub-$100 range: I'd add $20 and get a used Grado Prestige Gold. I hear great things about the Audio-Technica AT440mla as well.
and that should have read "2-3 degrees" , not "2-3%".

If the 'table works and you don't want to get a new arm, you can probably at least triple your money by selling it off.