Can't find old thread on Balanced XLR phono cords

I am looking for more resources on available tone arm wiring that runs to balanced xlr male termination.

I saw the Cardas golden reference but that seems to be a din to xlr and requires a intermeadiate second connection?

I remember this being discussed before but I couldnt reference the thread in search?

1) any suggestions for one wire tone arm balanced to xlr line?

2) does anyone recall the thread and can help me put my finger on it ?


Groovey Records
Hi Groovey, seems to me there were several recently, focused more on balanced phono sections and the like.

We've used this setup since 1989 and before us no-one was doing it.

Any cable manufacturer can make a cable for you. If you have a five-pin plug at the output of the arm the job is very easy. If you have RCAs at the output it is trickier but still possible.

I've had good luck with Purist Audio Design, Kimber, Silver Audio, Magnan and in my Triplanar the arm was made with balanced outputs as a stock feature.
Call Signal cable, I have the silver phono cable which performs very well and Frank will terminate it any way you like.