Can't get Meridian 565 to detect digital input

Hope someone can help. I have a Meridian 565, with the latest software, but have not yet installed the latest chip.

Here goes. I know the digital input on the Meridian functions perfectly, because I've tested it using a CD player. I also know the digital out from the DVD player functions, because I've hooked it up to a DAC and played music. My only guess is that the Meridian without the new chip may not detect a 24 bit PCM, which, I'm only assuming, is what my DVD player is outputting.

Does anyone out there have any knowledge about this? Is there something I'm missing, perhaps in the settings? Should it be able to read DVD digital feeds, regardless of the chip?

Thanks, in advance!!
A lot of DVD players do not output true Redbook even if you play a CD on them. If the player doesn't output true Redbook, some DAC's will not establish a digital lock. it is also the case that some DAC's will lock but will put out a distorted sound with static pops etc.

Many DVD players put out Yellow Book when playing back a CD. We found this to be true in the store when we tried putting high end DAC's on some of our DVD players, even expensive ones ($3500 etc.) and couldn't get a lock, or ended up with a really frightening sound that almost took out some tweeters.
Thanks, Hackmaster
I appreciate your response and advise! It's something I'll keep in mind for when I purchase my main DVD player.

As far as the problem I had above, I did a bit more tinkering and discovered that the DVD player's digital output was indeed faulty. When I retested the connections to duplicate a result, I was unsuccessful. It turns out that the player (a temporary cheapo one that I have) has a weak, poor quality jack, and when coupled with a high-end, but stiff, digital cable, the jack would lose its contact inside the DVD player. When I moved the cable around (while connected) the signal would lock and unlock depending on how I moved the cable.