can't get waveterminal u24 to output analog right

usb feed from my desktop pc into the u24 and then into my panasonic reciever with internal dac works great, but when i try to feed my main system's analog inputs with my laptop through the u24 the sound is clearly screwed up- particularly in one channel; vocal energy is way down and very reverberant in the bad channel. i can not get the the asio-usb control panel 2.0.0 with the tabs to appear,only a tabless u24 control panel. i installed the cubase sx demo but i can not find another asio program on the esi cd-rom. any suggestions? thanks
I had some odd issues with a U24 on a machine that I hadn't been using recently... I downloaded the latest drivers from the ESI site, however, and all the issues went away. Granted, not the same issues you are having, but refreshing the drivers might help.