can't wait, must put power conditioner in now.

Well I've had the Vray from shunyata for all of 30 hours now and was going to let it run fans and stuff for 4 days before putting in the system. I can't wait! Its got 30 hours of burn in and man the vray is going in now. I have the C500T mcintosh pre, Classe cdp202, and mt10 TT, as well as a Pioneer Elite plasma which will be on the vray. The python helix power cords are in to and will be adding now. I will add vray first only then listen and watch tv as well for gains. Then I will add the power cords except cdp which I've had for some time now, and it made a huge difference. The cords for the amps aren't in so I will wait on adding the pro gaurdians on the amps till they come in.
More info to come on how it goes

WOW, WOW, WOW, The Vray is a winner! Man this addition was like going from SS to tube, man the liquidness and dead qiute it added was amazing. The stage and imageing was also much improved. Then I added the python helix to the pre amp and man it just complimented the changes made by the vray. It made such a difference without the power cord upgrade I think I'll go ahead and add the pro gaurdians to the amps without the cords for now, man, I love this. Listening to Diana Krall girl in the other room, first three tracks for test.

Hey Neal, there must be a law against having that much fun with audio gear! Good on 'ya!

Ha, thanks Dan. Man I tell you, this is amazing. To all the non believers in power cords and conditioners, ha... I tell you, I was one of those non-believers til I got shunyata stuff.