Can you name the items in this system?

Can anyone name the items in this system?
Can anyone guess the year this may have been taken?
Is this a mono system? If so then why are there two speakers near the ceiling and two meters on the lower deck?
I don't have answers but I would just like to hear any ideas.

Some kind of Altec speakers (?), maybe a Mac tuner (?). I guess around 1962.
That’s the Binford Megasonic 5000, with optional turntable and Equalizer Roaster Oven. Featured in the Popular Mechanics article on the very best equipment for your modern day bomb shelter.
I think it is earlier--probably mid' 50's. It does look like an Altec horn maybe in a custom cabinet. I think this is a broadcast studio or a recording studio; clearly it is a professional system. Maybe some Fairchild gear. And it was quite common for professional users to build their own equipment at that time. 
The record on the floor is the only item that I can identify so far, First release date of 1951? I think.