Capacitor 68000uf/100V Replabement for Krell Ksa

My Krell Ksa-150 had one of 4 big Capacitor 68000uf/100V in Power supply burned I get the new Capacitor but have hard time to reassemble it(The power in other capacitor discharged twice) I give up. Can somebody please help? step by step would be very appreciates. Thanks in advance, Guy25
you need to bleed off the other caps in the supply with a resistor.
I use 20 and 30 ohm resistors rated at 30 watts to discharge 4000mf at 200v caps used in 5v 200amp power supplies when I replace bad caps in the ac filter circuit.
Can anyone else recommend what would be a good value resistor that can be used in discharging the caps in his amp?
Probably best to take that Krell to someone that knows a bit more about this.
Where are you located ?

Best of luck

Is the original value for Krell Ksa-150 is 68000uF/100V?
The Original value was 40000uF/100V. Since the capacitance is much higher you need to replace the surge resistors with higher rating. I recommend using three 10 Ohm resistors with Nichrome wire that can handle high Inrush current and heat. The Mark Levinson amps uses these type of resistors to handle up to 500K Ohms.
Also it is very important when you replace high value filter capacitors with name brands like CDE/Nichicon or Kendeil these caps have very low esr and high ripple current. Also on my last post the resistors that i recommended 10 Ohms with Nichrome wire wounded on ceramic and coated can handle high capacitance and high inrush current.