car speakers?

I need to replace my car system in my 95 tarus sho. Dont want to remove stock unit for originality reasons, and would like to stay with replacement speakers for oem jbl stuff? I want to keep the jbl amp and add a alpline 3535 amp to compliment. I want xm radio and a decent cd changer in trunk.

Speakers, I havent kept up in the car area as in my youthful days, so I want something with some decent slam, something abit better than average but not like a home system, what are my choices? I like classic and alt. rock but also talk/news on the road. I hade some old jensen 3or4ways and also some pioneer in my old z28 and it was ok. I like the sound system in our surban so something in that line of sound and sound pressure.

My home preference speakers are my jbl 4733's It trashes anyother thing in my room. just a little rough around the edges.
I really appreciate the feedback thanks. I have the 1998 328i (E36). I was also told that the cutouts won't hold commercially available speaker baskets. I had a new crossovers and amp (50wpc x 4) using the same source CD player and preamp elements but bypassing the factory installed amp which was trick for the installer. He couldn't think of any speaker that would "fit" the cut outs. I looked and found this odd tri-ended Jack which makes no intuitive sense in terms of home audio unless it was simply a coaxial rig. Keep those suggestions coming if you know how to use the jack it would be a start. I think I could figure out a way to hold the speakers in the rear in place. The kick panels have very shallow set ins. With the door tweeters I may have to just say uncle and order new ones since the new amp blew them out.- Embarrasing but true that such a great car would be such a pain to change a tweeter and upgrade the rear main speakers.
I'm not changing the speakers in my '92 325i. The new setup includes an Alpine 9801 head unit, Proton 271 Eq w/fader a Proton CA-212 amp for the front and and Orion CS100.2 amp for the rear speakers. Three separate noise filters are to be used plus small capacitors in each component's input lead to further enhance power delivery/noise control.

I didn't reallize there are woofers near the firewall until late this week! I never noticed them--they don't seem to do anything and as Meachans says, they're too shallow. my original game plan wasto use the slim line proton 212 with 500 Hz high pass plug in filters and feed only the door mids & tweeters. Rewiring those 'woofers' might be a real pain...