Wanted- 2 plinths for Von Schweikert Audio VR4jr Loudspeakers

I will buy 2 VSA VR4jr loud speaker plinths for up to $100 depending on the shape they are in. The plinths are the base boards that screw into the bottom of the speaker. I want to put my VR4jr Mark 3 speakers up for sell. The speakers themselves are in excellent shape but I need new plinths for them. If you have any idea where I cold find these, please let me know. Thanks....elb
I called VSA about it a while back. They said that they don’t have them anymore and that they would cost a lot to reproduce. Thanks though!
Perhaps a local woodworking shop or local cabinet maker can make them for you?
You need to place a "wanted to buy" ad in the classified section...and your portrait is sideways.
Hi Elb,
Did you sell your VSA VR-4jr? If it is not a secrete, for how much?
I recently retired, and must to sell mine. Can't fined what is a reasonable price for them in excellent condition.  Can you, please, give me a hint ?

Thank you so much,