Carbide Audio isolation footers. Anyone try them?

If so what's your experience and with what gear? Speakers? Amplifiers? Seems to be getting some great reviews.



I use a lot of carbide cutting tools in my shop.  I'm not sure they use any carbide.  They don't tell you much about the product but want you to just trust them that it is good.

hard carbide would be about the opposite of springs which provide isolation.


PTA and a couple other sites have done reviews and they have been positive. 

Make your own decisions on who you should trust but I don't trust reviewers much. --Jerry

Here are 2 reviews but there are more all positive. Yes I take reviews with 2 grains of salt.

Oh I am of the same thoughts when it comes to reviews Jerry. These are not even on my radar. 

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The bearing raceways used in the Diamond version of our footer are machined out of Silicon Carbide. That is a place where high hardness is beneficial for isolation performance.



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