Cardas cables

Has anyone compared Cardas Cross and Golden Cross interconnects and speaker cables?Is the difference worth paying for?What about balanced vs. unbalanced connection.
I use cardas cross in my system, but I do think the golden cross is bettter. Drubin described it pretty well. My recommendation is that if your system is still in a lot of flux, use normal cross, but if you have very good equipment then using the golden cross or golden reference might make sense. I recommend trying both of the golden types to see which sounds best with your system.
Thank you both.Sure,my system is always in a flux.Also,over half the recordings I care to listen to are so poor that increasing the resolution too much will actually spoil the impression.So,I will get Cross,though Golden Cross would make me a better audiophile.
Just wanted to put my 2 cents in since I have been listening to the Cardas Golden Cross now for 30 days. I think Geoge Cardas put a shot of testosterone in my 10 feet of speaker cable. Perhaps there may even be anabolic steriods between the cunductors. The Cardas G.C. is hooked up to my pair of Geneses 500 with their own sub. I adjusted my sub frequency to way down at 80 Hz and even turn the gain down too. Well, I tell you, the Cardas brings out ALL the low level detail and then some. It can pound the floors, but the bad thing is this Cardas covers up the high frequences. Did George forget to add something to this cable. This cable reminds me of the running of the bulls in Spain. Not that this bad, but it might need a little androgeny. How about it Mr. Cardas ??