Cardas Neutral Ref ICs time to change??

I have used Cardas Neutral Reference ICs for about 8 years between various CD players and integrated amps or power-pre amps. Right now it is a Sony SCD XA 777ES and an Exposure 2010S. I find the Cardas to be very detailed and clear but in the times I have tried other IC cables I have found that the others (Analysis plus, Audioquest ect) tend to have bigger stages and more HF extention with slightly more fullness in the bass. and not sound as mechanical. I do always end up sticking with the Cardas and I am not sure why. Opinions on the Cardas NR IC would help. Thanks,keith
Excellent cables and hard to improve upon really. I have found that MIT's latest offerings afford me results that simply sound more like live music. For me it's not even close. Joe Abrams at Equus Audio can arrange for an in home demo from the MIT lending library, plus his pricing is about half msrp:O) I dare you to try the new Generation 3 cables....if your not breathless after spending some time with them in your own system, I'll vote for a Democrat next chance I get! Ok, I can't do that but I would be surprised:O)
I had them in my setup for about a year. Good cable but as you stated a rolled off high end (I may add also rolled off bass). Since you like cardas why not try the golden cross or golden reference (personally I think the AQ king cobras are better than the NR)? Because of the NR's I personally have never tried any other cardas cables. I have the fusion audio interlocker now and am very happy.