Careful if buying Purist Audio Neptune fluid cables.

About two and half years ago I bought the 3 meter pair RCAs Neptune new from an authorized dealer. 
Recently the cables develop the following. First, they are both now 2/3 empty, though they appear to still sound the same. Except, second, they now give me quite a pronounced background noise heard thru both speakers and independent of the volume. I compared them regarding the noise with Tchernov Reference MKII and WyWires Platinum RCAs, the former are 1 meter pair and the latter are 4 feet pair. They both also give me some noise but it is five-ten times lower in intensity and below the level of either vinyl playback or tape. Tchernov and Wywires gave exactly the same noise level.
I even ran deck directly to power amp to eliminate the preamp and additional cable, the results were exactly the same.
Though the Neptune is 3 meters long, I don't think it should do this, and I don't think that it should lose so much fluid so quickly. When the fluid is gone, and I suspect it will happen soon enough, things will become worse. I talked to the dealer I bought it from, he said that the Neptune was designed to work normally even if there was almost no fluid left. Maybe. But what happens when there is no fluid at all ? I don't want to wait and find out. And this strong background noise should not be there.
I sent a message to Jim Aud, designer and owner of Purist Audio Design, and asked him to take care of it. I will post his reply if and when I get one.
The dealer was of no real help, he did offer me upgrade to Purist Corvus 1 meter pair for $1075 plus my Neptune as a trade-in. I paid enough for the Neptune and not going to pay a cent more, except shipping to Purist if I have a chance.

Over the years I have enjoyed reading about your Cable journey.

Happy Listening!
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As someone who is looking to inject some warmth into their system I'm seriously considering the Purist Audio Poseidon speaker cables.

My question is, should I be concerned by fluid leakage?  Or is it a very rare occurrence?

I have the Poseidons and no issues. Also, Purist has some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen, so I would not have any hesitation to buy one of their products. 

Thanks @chayro .  By chance, have you heard the Neptunes too?  They have the same fluid dampening, but are twice the price.  I don't doubt they're better, but I wouldn't want it at the cost of losing the Poseidon's warmth