Cartridge Advice Please

Hello.  I have a Marantz TT-15 with a Ortofon Quintet Black MC $1000.  Got that after I broke original needle. 

I broke the Ortofon.  $750 for a new one.

I have Primare T32 Phone Pre.

Trying to talk myself into a lower model <$500.  Too big a sacrifice?

If you want to go lower in price to get superb quality you can try AT20SLa Limited Editon with genuine AT20SL (Beryllium/Shibata) stylus. This is very rare MM cartridge. I think the realistic price for this gem in perfect condition is $300-400. The replacement must have a gold AT logo on it, the rarest is AT20SL (not SLa), the aftermarket styli is not equal to the genuine styli. And surely the beryllium cantilever much better than the aluminum. Nude Shibata is a great stylus profile. I don’t think you can find anything equal to the performance of this AT20SL at this price. I think it’s a bargain at $300. For double you can get fabulous Victor X-1II ($500-600), but for something like $700-750 you can get AT-ML170 OFC (amazing cartridge). Simply search on this forum and you will find users feedbacks about them (those are top MM cartridges that can compete with MC of the higher prices) 
Just got and installed a new Nagoaka MP150. I have several other cartridges by Audio Technica (440mla and 440mlb), Grado (Prestige black, gold and Reference Sonata II), Nagoaka (MP110), Shure (M97xe, V15iv), Ortofon (2M Black), Stanton (881S) and Pickering (XSV 3000, XSV 4000) and this one is absolutely amazing in detail, imaging, tracking (VTF 1.85 gram) and bass. By far one of the best I have ever owned, and all for only $319.99 on Amazon. You will be very happy should you choose this high value cartridge. Highly, highly, highly recommended!
Well, the fact is that Nagaoka MP150 is one of the lowest model in Nagaoka line, it has Elliptical stylus on Aluminum cantilever, nothing special compared to Shibata stylus on rare Beryllium cantilevers of AT20Sla or giant killer Victor X1II. 

I forgot to mention Garrott P77 (and new P77i) cartridges if you considering brand new cartridges only. I bought my Garrott from the Nagaona MP 500 user in Australia and he prefers the Garrott over the top Nagaoka MP-500 (which is very expensive and much better than Mp-150). 

I recommend the Denon DL103R mc cartridge. Conical tip - not fussy about VTA! An updated version of the venerable DL103 (designed in 1962 for Japanese radio broadcast use). I have been using Denon MC's (103, 103R, 103 Gold Anniversary, 301 and 304) for 40 years! They always deliver great musical satisfaction (for quite reasonable cost)!
The tonearm of the Marantz is not that heavy.

So I would recommend the Hana SL as a very good match for
this Clearaudio-OEM turntable.
Soundsmith in the USA has an excellent cartridge repair service.
You can repair a cartridge like yours for about $300 and it may be  better than new the they get through. Here is the link
At the same time SoundSmith aka Peter Ledermann, who serviced many thousands of cartridges, hates conical tips and explains why MI are superiour to the MC in his lecture, just watch it: