Cartridge alignment help.

Hello and THANK YOU in advance.

What is the cause of silibance from one channel only(right)? This only happens with vinyl playback and seems to be worse during the last few tracks. How can I make this better? I have Scout so there is only minimal anti-skate. I tried twisting the wire with no improvement. Is it another component of set-up? I wanted some advice before I ruin an otherwise good cartridge postion.

I appreciate your help.

The problem you describe sounds like the cartridge is mis-tracking in the left channel. This can be due to the anti-skate not being properly balanced between the channels, or due to an incorrect azimuth for the cartridge.
In addition to SD's comments, you might want to re-check the stylus overhang, and them check/adjust the cartridge yaw (rotation in the headshell viewed from above) To do this properly, you need an alignment protractor (I like the DB, but there are many good ones) to insure that you have tangency at two points across the record. The fact that this occurs during the last tracks leads me to believe this adjustment may be off.
As Scott suggested, I would imagine it to be related to the set up of your antiskate. Check your azimuth first and then play with the anti-skate.
I had the same problem as you describe and it was all related the the amount of antiskate (mine was too low).
I've read good reports on VA about the optional antiskate mechanism VPI now offers for the JMW-9. If you can't get the right adjustment with the wire-twist method, that might be worth looking into.