cartridge allignment/test record

I just got a new turntable (SME Model 20/2) with a IV.Vi arm and Dynavector XV-1 cartridge. I am generally very pleased with the sound of this rig. To tweak it, I am using a Radio Shack test record which has two tracks for testing channel separation/crossover. On one track, the listener hears an 800Hz tone in the left channel and a 3000Hz tone in the right. When I flip the channel balance on my preamp to one side or the other, I hear what I am supposed to hear: all 800 on one side and all 3000 on the other.

The next track is reversed: 3000 left and 800 right. When I listen just to the right channel, I hear only 800. But when I listen to just the left, I hear predominently 3000 but with a good amount of 800Hz.

I have tried fiddling with the allignment, with no success. The cartridge is threaded and there is very little lateral wiggle room when mounting it in the headshell.

I have also played with the antiskate, also with no success. Interestingly, I notice the problem is less pronounced (although still a problem) with anitskate off!

This is not just a nitpicking problem. I have noticed on some LP's that I am very familiar with that the soundstage is not as wide as before. (Check out Speaker's Corner wonderful version of Getz/Gilberto Girl from Ipanema, where Astrud Gilberto is standing way left of the left speaker and Getz is way on the right.)

Any suggestions?
Maybe Astrud is actually walking while she performs? Unless you want to really get into tt set-up and are quite adept at using your hands and making minute adjustments, I would entrust set-up to a pro and leave all this VTA adjustment for each record aside. My two pennies worth. PS If you do want to get into this black art, I would recommend being well equipped and looking into purchasing Wally Tools. No, I am not associated with Wally, although I do owe him the courtesy of a phone call since he was generous enough to provide me with his number to offer to answer my questions about the use of his tools and tt set-up and I never found the time to call. Sorry Wally!
If you do order from Wally, allow a minimum of two months to receive your order, lest you be disappointed.
Speaking of Wally, I have been trying to get a hold of him for weeks. He usually is either right by the phone or returns calls very promptly. I have left 4 messages that he hasn't returned.
Anybody know if he is o'k?
MINIMUM of two months from wally, with the average being around FIVE months. and that's only after you hassle him repeatedly via phone. i still don't have mine, ordered them late 2003.

Have you tried adjusting azimuth? It sounds like your cartridge may be similar to mine: built at an angle that makes attaining minimal crosstalk imposible. I can't get crosstalk down without setting the cartridge at such an angle that the stylus would no longer be vertical. Only solution is to rebuild/replace the cartridge.

There's lots of talk about delays with Wally these days. He was ill and nothing I've read in the last three months indicates he's "really" back. I think 4yanx, jphii, rcrump and I got lucky with our Wally delivery, probably because we ordered via a large dealer who has some clout. I'd think twice before sending him money directly.
Dear friend: I own several cartridges and tonearms, too. I own your cartridge and your tonearm ( by the way: great TT ), both exelent performers. First: I take the Radio Shack record an go to a friend's house ( that have a decent audio system ) an see what's happen, if the problem is the same you have the answer and you can enjor your cartridge sound. If there is no problem, then take your friend , the cartridge's friend and preamp friend to your home and do the test with the cartridge of your friend an see what happen, if there is no problem then you have to work with the Dynavector, but if the problem is the same you have to test the preamp of your friend an see what happen. As you can see there are many alternatives to test.
Now, I love the SME tonearm, it is very easy to use and to mount in the right way any cartridge, but you have to try two things: first the azimuth, I know that we have a very little room for do this but that " little room " can be the difference. Second the VTA and VTF, you have " to play " with these parameters.
If you can't fixed this problem then you have to ask to your Dynavector dealer or to your preamp dealer.
Best wishes.