Cartridge for Rega 25 TT with RB600 tone arm

Hi All,

While I love my sound, I'm an idiot at calculating things. I have a Rega 25 TT with RB 600 tone arm. I also have a Benz Glider(H2 as far as I can see) cartridge. Is this a good match, or would I be better served by a different cartridge. It's an ordeal for me to experiment on my own, so I'd appreciate any help you folks might provide. As usual, thanks in advance!

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I had a P25 for many years, that is a great table and there
are many tweaks available for both the table and RB600 that
can enhance the performance. But as a cartridge goes I had a
Grado Reference then a Glider then a Lyra Lydian-B. I kept
the Lydian when I sold it, my experience was that the Lyra
sound really brought the P25 to a new and natural level of
musicality with non-analytical detail. I fell in love with
the Lyra sound and am now using a Lyra Kleos. But on the P25
I tried subplatters, counter weights, platters, mats, etc.
For me the Michell Counterweight and the Lyra were the two I
would pick if I only could pick two of all I tried. The
Lydian is long discontinued but the Lyra technology has only
increased. All my opinion of course, hopefully members will
share their experience with this table. Great looking too, by
the way, I was sad to see Rega depart from that look.
I too had a P25 for a couple of years with a Glider; great set up. Since them I have moved on to VPI and Lyra. I'll bet a Delos would make your P25 sing nicely.