Cartridge for Spacedeck w/spacearm

Considering Shelter 501II or Dynavector 20X-
L. What are the characteristic differences between these cartridges? Should I worry about the Shelter on the unipivot Spacearm? What are the recommended cartridge loading values of these? I am using a Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 phono stage.
They're both good cartridges, but I like the Shelter better overall. On the Space arm, I have received several communications from qualified users who have gotten good results with the 501 on it. I don't think you have to worry about that with this arm and the 501.

For the Shelter 501, load at about 100 ohms(or thereabouts), and use your highest gain setting.

VTA should be very slightly negative.

Tracking force is good around 1.8- 1.9g, and is pretty sensitive to small changes. Some experimentation with 1/10 gram changes may give noticeable improvements.

Break-in takes about 40 hours, and it goes through some unusual stages in sound during this time. Don't judge the cartridge early, it will be great after break in.
Another suggestion (that comes from a friend of mine who has exactly the same TT & arm): Benz Micro L2. I believe that he is having very good success with this combination after trying a number of cartridges incl. the 501 Mk2. The L2 has a very unhyped presentation & an excellent midrange.

The L2 has a (static) compliance of 16um/mN so it should perform well w/ the Spacearm unipivot. The only thing is price - it's more than the 501. However, it's deemed as the best midpriced MC by many & even by Art Salvatore!

Bombaywalla is speaking of me. This is the 2nd L2 I have owned after foolishly selling the first one. I think it is a wonderful match with the Spacearm. Very dynamic and detailed but with a natural midrange presentation. I did prefer it to the Shelter, but I must admit to using the 501 with a Bluenote arm which I don't believe did it justice. I later sold the cartridge and arm and am back to the Benz now. It would have been nice to hear the Spacearm/501 combo, but I have no complaints at all about my current rig.