Cary CAD 200, anyone had mechanical problems?

What is the deal with Cary solid state amps?

I have the Cary CAD 200, the stereo version of the CAD 500. The amplifier has a great sound, but it seems to become excessively hot on the right side, especially under the back feet. My Ayre V-1xe does not get near as hot, and the sound is a bit smother, but not by a large margin. Now there is a new Cary SA 202, I believe they label it? I wonder if the early models had some problems?

The Cary CAD 200 can be had at a reasonable price. I also like Bryston; with my ARC NOS tube preamplifier, the Bryston has no harsh sound, just very detailed. Then, it seems Bryston, like ARC have gone up quite a bit in price?

I performed a little comparison, using Martin Logan speakers, a Audio Research LS 15 preamplifier, with RTC and Amperex tubes; I tried several power amplifiers, the Cary, the Ayre V-1xe, a Macintosh MC 262, a Bryston 4bSST, a recapped Classe 201, and my old Mark Levinson, model 27.5. The results to my hearing were the Cary held well, and was close to Ayre, with that amp being slightly smoother, and definition was about equal between the Cary, Bryston, and Ayre The McIntosh was a bit warmer, but not as detailed, to my hearing, same with the Classe, which had a very relaxing sound, while the old ML topped them all, yet true to its nature, became so warm, not really a problem with this amp, it is made to take the heat, being mostly a class A biased. My main stereo and HT room is kept quite warm, related to my health.

Keep in mind, these amplifiers are only tested on the electrostatic panels.

The Ayre did not seem to get as hot, nor did the McIntosh, in fact I never seen any new, or older McIntosh get all that hot?

I question is, I could live with the Cary, they are the best bag for the buck, but if this model has problems, I would rather run a Bryston and pay the extra costs, or the new model Cary, if anyone knows if the SA 202 is all that much better made?
I believe that Cary isn't the worst towards heat and heat is usually not problem with a/ab solid state amps that can run way hotter than tube amps. Powerfull Pass mono amps can be used as local heaters in small to medium room.
If the Cary only becomes hot on one side the bias adjustment could be off on that side. This is easily rectified by having this checked and adjusted to the correct value. After setting, seal the small potentiometer with a little dap of nail polish to prevent it from moving again.

This can happen when the units are shipped vibrations can cause the potentiometer to self adjust.

Good Listening

I have not heard the CAD 200, but I have a SA 200.2.The 200.2 runs very cool compared to a CJ MF 2500 I had previously. The 200.2 is a very good sounding amp,in some
ways better than the CJ mentioned above. My model was the
2500 and not 2500A. From what I've read and heard, the 200.2 is more neutral sounding than the CAD 200. I've had the 200.2 for about three years now and it still runs very cool and has been trouble free.