Cary, Cayin or Primaluna EL34 for Merlin VSM-MME

I'm looking for an amp or my Merlin VSM-MME speakers. I know it's been asked many times before, and I've read most of the threads out there. The consensus seems to be that an EL34 based tube integrated is the best choice. Unfortunately the Ars-Sonum is out of my price range. I’ve got three amps that seem very similar on my radar and I’m looking for any opinions, comparisons, or/and criticisms.

1) Cary SLI50
2) Primaluna Prologue One
3) Cayin A50T

All are around $1000 used and have enough power.
Cayin, great sound, great value. Keep in mind that Primalune and Cayin are essentially the same unit.
I think you'd do well to try to audition a Manley Stingray integrated. I think that you could find one used close to your price range.
I second the Stingray recommendation for Merlins. But EL34 in general is the way I would go rather than 6550/KT88 - at least with the VSMs, and I would think the TSMs as well, but I would discuss it with Bobby P (Mr. Merlin) - he knows his speaker well.
Primaluna has the advantage of continuous autobias. There's no need to ever bias the power tubes, match tubes, or wonder if you're getting the best out of your amp.

The power tubes are always running in their sweet spot so they should last longer as well.