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Looking for a smooth sounding 6922 variant
Give Brent Jessee a call and talk it over with him. He’ll find the right tubes for you. He has much more experience finding the right tubes than the average Audiogoner..  
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Jazz and Blues, Awesome!
@kennyc  - Books won't be much help.  Even for an individual jazz musician the music can vary so much from album to album that you just have to listen and see if it's your kind of jazz.  Streaming is very helpful for jazz.  Lots of different album... 
A quick question related to Amperex Bugle Boys
There are fake Bugle Boys out there already.  Along with fake just about everything else.  They are not that common though.  As @audition__audio  said  if you have a lot of experience with tubes, more than I have, you can spot fakes by examining t... 
Visit to Mike Lavigne's house
Thanks for the report and taking the time to upload videos.  That's quite a system that Mike has. Did Mike agree with your finding that digital and vinyl delivered pretty much the same sound quality?    
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Jazz and Blues, Awesome!
Has anyone heard from bdp24 lately?
Glad to hear you're still with us @bdp24.   Love your musician stories.  
Do you have Ny Weekly Q?
I'm not sure how Qobuz selects the albums to feature either.  I think the problem may be that they are a French company.  One would think they'd have Americans do this for the American market, but who knows? One of my favorite blues albums from t... 
InnuOS Sense 2.6.0.
There is also a line of dots on the right-hand side of your "Albums" page that allows you to go directly to a particular line of album covers.  You can touch a dot and it will tell you what letter you're at if your albums are sorted alphabetically... 
Cream — Stormy Monday
@soix I think all tablejockey was saying is that Clapton’s version of the tune is definitive, FOR HIM. "No reason to get excited", the thief he kindly spoke. That’s from Bob Dylan. Don’t want anyone accusing me of stealing.  If you think someone... 
More Than A Whisper: Celebrating The Music Of Nanci Griffith
@krelldog   I listened to it again and I agree it's a very well recorded album with really good, tasteful backing for the singers.  It's the singers' ragged old voices that keep me from getting too excited about it.    
More Than A Whisper: Celebrating The Music Of Nanci Griffith
I listened to it once and it didn’t grab me like it did you, but I’ll give it another listen. She deserves the tribute and I like the cover photo, she looks like a Japanese Zen master.  
Vinyl is back for good and that’s exciting
There is no assurance that if you buy a new physical copy of music that the artist will get any of the money unless you buy it directly from the artist on a website or at a show. The record companies have the royalties scam down pat too. If you bu... 
MoFi lawsuit
If you want to get the latest on the MoFi suit along with a long running discussion of how this all went down, go here: MoFi to pay $25 million | Page 93 | Steve Hoffman Music Forums You will have to sign up for an account.  
Hearing problems and speaker upgrade
I recently tried a pair of expensive over-the-ear type hearing aids and I am returning them. I hated listening to music through them even though they had a music setting and some EQ on my phone. They had a tiny microphone on the back of my earpie... 
Tip for blues lovers
@boxcarman  -  Thanks for the feedback on Harry.  I do like to listen to relaxed music more often these days.  Harry is unique  and  I like his songwriting.  Enjoy!