Cassandra Wilson - Another Country

I was wondering if anyone has heard the new Cassandra Wilson release 'Another Country'. I believe this is her first release on her own record label 'Ojah'. I love her Blue Note years and I'm wondering how this one stacks up.
I read that it's a departure from some of her past work.

I just placed my order for it, but I thought I'd get this started as I know there's some big fans of Cassandra here on Agon. Some may not realize this is out as well.
thanks for the heads up Don, I'm all over it. Still enjoying Silver Pony regularly....cheers!
Haven't heard it yet, but I love Cassandra Wilson. I'll give it a listen. Thanks!

I like what I've heard so far. A different flavor for her with nice backing. I'm hoping a vinyl version will be released but have not seen any hints.

OMG!!!! This might be her best. I am not kidding. The guitar work and percussion is some of the best ive ever heard. On top of that Cassandras voice is as always captivating, smooth and mellow. Any Cassandra Wilson fans will be in love with this. I'm serious when I say possibly her best ever.
Thanks Donjr for the review.
Just wanted to let everyone know that it is on Spotify already.
I am a big fan of hers!!! Her recordings are usually top notch, and I use many cuts to test my system.
Todd, thanks for the info. It is a very special recording. The guitar work is amazing and that's where this one stands out. Its superb. Enjoy it. We fans are so lucky. Its these special artists that help to keep our hobby alive. Quite honestly if it wasn't for new music I would choose a different hobby. I'm not nostalgic over new music as ive over played it.
I meant to say I'm not nostalgic over OLD music. I like music to progress. That's why I love the new Cassandra as well as the new Melody Gardot.
Donjr ,
I listened to Cassandra's new album yesterday. The recording is awesome as are most of her albums. This album is very good. It's a bit sleepy for my taste though. I prefer her albums that have more kick/funky feel. My two favorites continue to be Blue Light til Dawn and New Moon Daughter.

What are your other favorites?
If I had to pick a favorite Cassandra for the desert island it would be New Moon Daughter for sure. But probably not for the same reason you like it. Her version of Neil Young's Harvest Moon is the most chilling song Ive ever heard her do and to this days I'm blown away every time I hear it. Strange Fruit, Love is Blindness etc. Its just an amazing album. My wife and I like them all and I think we have them all. Off the top.of my head Traveling Miles is very good as well as Belly of the Sun. And yes, Blue Light is amazing. I'm very happy with this new effort. I'm going to try very hard to see her on this tour because I've never seen her and I don't want to die some day with that regret.