Castle Acoustics Inversion Series

Has anyone heard this speaker line from Castle Acoustics? Their website doesn't mention this line at all. Looks like its not in production anymore .... My friend is in the market for a cheap HT system and I see a HT set here for abt $900. I've heard castle pembroke and liked it. But I wanted to get know a little more abt the castle inversions before asking my friend to look into this.
I auditioned them about 4 years ago. Cool looking speakers with very good build quality. I was comparing them to B&W speakers, 700 or 900 series I think, floor standing speakers that cost around $700 or $900. I was at the beginning of my audiophile emergence back then, so anything I say is qualified to that. I don't remember anything about imaging, but they were tonally pleasing, definitely less bright than the B&W's with less detail, but not bad. I remember they were already being taken off the market back then. Most of all, I thought they looked really cool.