Cayin - a warning

Hi there,
just an factual little story.
Bought a Cayin SACD player - fabulous, makes (made) a monkey ot of things 2/3x times the price.
Gave it to a mate who managed to re-install the valves wrongly - yes he's blind, stupid or possibly both.
This blew one of the two transformers, along with waht other damage no one can tell till it gets a new transformer.
Quote for the transformer = £275 + shipping & duties.
Had it blown both transformers, these would cost more to replace than the whole player.
A salutory warning, find out the price of spares and don't give idiots a loan of equipment !

PS- If shipping companies did not treat gear as frisbees, there should have been no need to remove the valves for shipping - fragile, a red rag to a bull!
A tough lesson learned! Always check to make sure the tubes are properly seated after loaning out your gear. It's a shame as now it only makes a monkey out of things 1/3x times it's price.
It's always the same: Tube equipment: just too much hassle, unless you are a hobbyist. If you are not a hobbyist, don't even touch them.
Yeah whenever I would transport my VTL pre amp i would take the tubes out and wrap them. I would put them back in when I got where i was going.
Dazzdax ... I moved to tubes this year and will NOT be going back to SS. I, too, used to buy the negative hype attached to tubed amps ... but experience has shown me just how wrong I was, and what I hear makes me wish I had switched long ago.