Cayin Spark MT-12A int amp??

I just stumbled onto this amp in a web site. Anyone have any feedback on it?
Any owners out there?
I am looking for a modest int-amp for a bedroom system.

Rob I do not know a thing about the MT-12A, but I do own an A50T integrated Cayin and it rocks!! The only reason I would part with it would be to run a tube power amp and use my vintage Adcom GTP 500 pre amp. Having said that, this is such a sweet sounding amp I am not changing a thing.
I actually own and currently use an MT12a in a bedroom system. It drives a Pair of Epos ELS3's and (through the speaker level inputs) an Atlantic Technology subwoofer.The EL84 output tubes used are Russian Military 6P14's in conjunction with 2 Amperex 12AU7's and a Telefunken 12AX7. I use a Niles AXP-1 switch box to accommodate Additional inputs (tuner & Turntable). I also have the matching CD12 CD player as the same remote operates both units.The sound is excellent and the power more than sufficient for my needs. I purchased mine in Hong Kong 2 years ago and use it with a step up transformer but Steve at VAS supplied the CD12 and has the amps (120 volt version) as well. Do you have any specific questions I can answer for you?

Regards, Jerry
Hi Jerry,
Thanks. I was mostly wondering if you were happy with the output level and quality of sound. I have Energy RC-mini spkrs, which are about 89dB efficiency.


Actually I have used my MT12A with The less expensive Energy C50's which are also rated at 89DB sensitivity to good effect (However, I felt that they were not the ideal match with my sub). Again as in your case this is a bedroom system and thus tends to get a lot of use primarily at low to moderate volume levels but I have cranked it a couple of times with the ELS3's (only 87DB sens and 4 ohm impedance usually not ideal for tubes)and was pleased with the sound. I am a big fan of EL84 amps (I own 3 at the moment)as they offer great sound and I feel the best midrange of any of the PP designs and are reasonable to re-tube. My MT12A actually replaced a Single ended ASL MG SI 15 DT integrated amp. The remote works well and as I mentioned earlier also operates the matching CD and Tuner if you so desire.

Good Luck, Jerry