CD/DVD Player Mystery

I just added a McIntosh 831 from late 1999 to my CD/DVD player collection. In trying out my "new" player, the strangest thing happened and I am looking for some insights into the riddle.

One of my long-time favorite CDs is unplayable by the 831. The player has trouble reading the table of contents and when it does successfully load the CD and starts playing, the CD will skip consistently. It sounds almost like someone is turning the MUTE button on and off at regular intervals.

The CD in question is from the mid 1980s. It was recorded in California by a brilliant engineer and produced in Japan. It is Respighi's "Church Windows" on Reference Recording RR15CD I have several Japanese CDs from the early 1980s that still play just fine in any machine I have ever had.

The troublesome CD has been played in several regular CD players over the years and in a total of 6 CD/DVD players - all with Panasonic transports - including the 831. Four of the CD/DVD players, including the 831, have the Panasonic DVD-A110U/CA transports with the VED0378 laser. The question remains as to why the 831 will not play this CD. The 831 is playing other CDs okay thus far. Perhaps it is NOT the laser? I wonder if it could be a software issue that is part of the 831's design?

By the way: NONE of the players in question are able to play burned CDs or DVDs; they can play only commercially produced discs.

I have a feeling that if I offered McIntosh (or one of their authorized repair dealers) a blank check - which I do not have to offer - to make my 831 specifically play this particular CD; my guess is that they would say something like this:

"We regret that this is indeed a mystery and we are at a loss to explain or correct it. Please just accept the fact that on rare occasions, you will encounter a particular CD that will not play on a particular player for no discernable nor logical reason. Strictly speaking, there is probably nothing literally wrong with the CD nor the player. Please just accept this as one of life's crazy little situations - get over it - move on - and enjoy the music."
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Dirty laser? Dirty laser might be OK for most CDs but too weak for some that have lower reflection. If cleaning the laser doesn't help you can rip this CD and make CD-R.
I went through something like this (but not exactly) several years back and it turned out that the laser was within specs, but marginal.