Cd player

Hi guys been building a new HI FI system and been waiting on the HI FI Rose 130, but want to light this system up! Lol Whats a really nice cd player that will not be the weak link? I am running mcintosh c2700, Power Q 707,  Mcintosh 611s & B&W 801 N all with high end cables. 

Thanks for all your input Matt 


I also have a C2700 preamp, and was considering either the new MCT-500 CD/SACD transport which, with the MCT (DIN) connection will allow you to get the true SACD layer to the DA2 module of the C2700.  You could also try and find a used MCT-450 at a lower price.  However, I'm not fond of the DA2 DAC and ended up ordering a Luxman D-07X CD/SACD player, though that might be above your budget.

If your DAC is compatible then the following is great, even with the cheapest used OPPO as a transport (like $200). An additional bonus is that it also plays DSD (SACD). My Benchmark DAC3B and Schitt Yggi+ LIM DACs both work with it. I was thinking of the new Schitt URD (sp?) CD player but tried the D.BOB and found it exceeded expectations. I also wanted SACD. My prior player was a Sony SCD-1, which died after 20+ years.

GeerFab Audio D.BOB Digital BreakOut Box – Upscale Audio (I paid $700)

@jred - I don't know why they didn't include aes/ebu, but the DAC sounds great.  Same chip as in the D-10X that has gotten rave reviews.