CD player for my system?

I'm normally an "analog" type of guy...I love my LP's! Any suggestions for a CDP in the range of $800-1200 for my system that might not offend these old analog ears? I must admit, I'm not much into "tweaks" or "mods." Looking to find a unit that sounds good out of the box.

Tube Audio Design TAD-150 preamp
Rogue Audio Stereo 90 amp
Reimer McCullough GS speakers

thanks for any suggestions!
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Take a look at my threads on the Jolida JD 100A. Ya think I may like the Jolida a little bit? ;)

Change out the stock tubes to some warm, yet nicely detailed Ei ECC-83 Gray Plates and add a good power cord upgrade and you have a superb, very analog like sounding player that many players going for $3-4K retail are pressed to sound better.
Hey there Ken! :-)
What happend to your JD-100? Where are you going next? Hope you are well.

Hi Paul,

Thanks. Sold my silver JD100 and have a black face unit on the way. Staying with Jolida, its become like family!