cd player preamp combo into a stand alone preamp

I own the Meridian 808i. What can I gain by the configurations offerd with this player, ie, fixed volume, variable volume, into my Sonic Frontier Line 3 preamp.
Well you can bypass the Sonic Frontier and go direct to amp using the VARIABLE outs on the Meridian. If that sounds better or if you mind Not having a preamp in the loop. Go with the Sonic Frontier with the Meridian and use the FIXED outs on the CD player. I would hook it up directly to Amp using vari outs and just check it out for fun.
When I had an 808.2 I experimented running the variable output into my amps. At first it seemed more detailed and transparent but in the end not so. It did sound good without a preamp but lacked body, was not as great at imagining, and tonality was diluted, (comparitively of couse). Even my wife who could care less liked the preamp better in the chain. My now 808.3 is configured as was my 808.2 was, fixed output, into a preamp with no intentions of running preampless.