CD player with USB and Coaxial out - does such a thing exist?

I am looking for a good USB to Coaxial converter that sounds good and doesn’t break the bank. Simultaneously, lower on the priority list, I intend to get a decent CD player.

I discovered CD players that have USB DACs built in, but the outs are RCA - no Coaxial. Anyone know if such a thing is available? Also fielding recommendations for basic USB to Coaxial converters that are under $100. Thanks!

>> Noticed my title is not clear but cannot edit it. I need USB in -> Coaxial out. 
I used a Musical Fidelity V-Link in my system for a while.  They can be had used for $75.  They had a version II that has a higher bit rate for a bit more cash.

As for CD players, the ones that have a USB input will allow you to use the built in DAC for things other than just the CD in the player, which is great.  If the CD player in question does not have a digital output, then you are stuck with the built in DAC.  

As you move up the food chain, you will find CD players with digital output as well, which give you the option to use it as a stand alone player or with an outboard DAC.

Out of curiosity, what are you going to do with the USB-SPDIF (Coaxial) converter?
Thanks for replying, yes that item is what I'm looking for and didn't show up on my searches so I appreciate the recommendation.

I'm using it to play audio files from my laptop.