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bookshelf speakers that sound good on an enclosed bookshelf
Hello group, I’m so sorry that I forgot to mention a budget. He’s looking to spend US$600 on a used pair of speakers. So hopefully that will punch at about  $1000 or $1200 for a new pair.  
To all of the Wilson Audio owners:
I think my room size and speaker position is fairly well proportioned for my Sophia‘s. The room is roughly 45 m² (about 500 ft²).  It comprises one open space that is a living room and dining room.  My speaker position has Just under a 1 m (about ... 
Subwoofer for Raidho XT-1 sadly buried in a console built in?
I had a wisdom scs suitcase sub with a pair of Rockport Technologies Mira Monitors some years back. It was a solid setup. The wisdom sub has the possibility of being installed in a wall, but it will need to be a rather thick wall. I had mine again... 
Wilson Audio Yvette vs Sasha 2
Jo1mtb, how did you feel about Sasha 1 coming from Sophia 2? I currently own Sophia 2 and I’m considering Sophia 3, Yvette, or Sasha 1. My biggest question is how does Sasha 1 compared to the newer Yvette? But also, how do either of those speake... 
Is this stylus worn out?
I agree about the microscope. My cheap usb microscope is not easy to use and even at maximum magnifying power, I cannot see much… Thank you all for your input!  
Accuphase DAC-50: Glaring sibilance
Rubinken, Can you give us a long-term update/review of the DAC50? Was the brightness simply a burning in issue? I saw that you said it changed, but did it completely go away and are you completely happy?I am interested in an Accuphase integrated a... 
looking for ideas on must have classical music
One of my favorites is Tchaikovsky‘s violin Concerto in D.  I have a few versions.Another amazing collection of work to consider is the entire collection of Beethoven’s piano sonatas played by Mari Kodama,  hi-Rez and high fidelity recording avail... 
Aretha, favorite recordings?
I just picked up the mobile fidelity version of aretha’s gold.  I usually shy away from greatest hits albums,  but I made an exception for this one. Excellent track list.  I didn’t listen super critically, but my take away was that the vinyl  and ... 
Led Zeppelin II
I have a Japanese pressing and I like it quite a lot. Some say they are not as good as others, but they are super quiet. I certainly agree with the quiet part - the vinyl is quite silent. As for the sound quality otherwise, I think is very respect... 
Dead Can Dance reissues - not happy
Mofi into the labyrinth sounds fantastic  
South Florida - join in and make a REAL effort!
Unfortunately, I am to blame, and completely dropped the ball with getting this going!  2 year old son, small business owner blues.  I am still up for it however!- Mark 
Converter for digital out to analog in to Integrated
Check out the Schiit Modi. This may be a high quality solution for $99. 
What components might I check into that have a small foot print?
If you have a robust cd collection, no extreme need to embrace streaming for digital.  Of course cds and streaming don’t affect your analogue ambitions at all. if you do move in the direction of streaming, be sure to choose a hardware/software app... 
Suggestions needed
For budget speaker cables, Audioquest Type 4.  Check out at Audio Advisor, I think they have a good deal on them. Yes, far better than amazon $12 cables, but I would keep Cable expenditures minimal for a starter system. Check out kimber PBJ interc... 
Sony speakers with drivers made by a different brand?
Many speaker manufacturers do not manufacture their own drivers, including the big fancy brands. This is quite common and normal.  I am not aware of what Sony does.