cd player with volume control - under 500

i'm looking for a CD player for my girlfriend that she can drive with an old B & K amplifier. It would be great if it was a carousel although this is not absolutely necessary. As far as the sound is concerned, warm and round would be preferable (as opposed to sharp and detailed). Someone recommended a Denon carousel. Any other ideas?

The old B&K amplifiers had a rather low impedance (22?) Ohms not an ideal candidate. I tried the same thing with an old B&K ST140, while it made sounds, I quickly discarded this approach. From there to a passive pre-amp which was better (the volume control on the CD player was very crude). How ever, I ended up with an active line stage. Of course better amps followed too.
Consider a Yamaha CDC-655.(5-Disc) It has variable output controlled by either front panel or remote. Very nice sounding CD Player. IMO sounds nicer than the Denon DCM-460
which I've also owned at a time (for a very short period of
time.) Another possibility would be Adcom GCD-600/700.
I use a Yamaha as a backup player and it sounds good especially with quality interconnects. Feed it only 4 disks though. It seems to eat the 5th. One can tailor the digital curve for diff music types as required.
Quite a few of the Kenwoods had this a few years ago. not the best players, but if you are looking for usability more than sound quality, you might want to look into them. The big sell for me was the 5 disc
The Dynaco company briefly offered a line of tube-type CD players (the CDV-1, CDV-2 and CDV-PRO) whose warmth and smooth sound was often compared, in reviews, to that of players costing several times more. These Dynaco models have a volume control and are capable of substituting for a preamplifier in a simplified audio system (because there are no other tone controls or audio inputs on these units.) These players are not carousels, but are supplied with a remote control device. I am very pleased with the Dynaco CDV-2 I am using as a CD player/preamplifier, coupled with Paradigm Reference Active 40 loudspeakers (whose power amplifiers are built-in.) I have even split the Dynaco's output signal successfully between separate amplifiers powering front and rear speakers independently in a 4-channel "Home Theater System" so these CD players appear to provide plenty of "gain." All three versions of the Dynaco tube-type CD player have been discontinued by the manufacturer, but I was able to buy mine from a reputable seller who runs his own small business refurbishing and reselling Dynaco equipment at reasonable prices, including a 90-day warranty. His name is Mark Voigt, and I remember he sells the CDV-1 model for right around $500.00; you may wish to contact him at his e-mail address:

I found Mark to be very knowledgeable, straightforward, and helpful answering questions I had pertaining to my particular audio needs, all without pressuring me into a purchase. Hope you find the CD player you're seeking!
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You might want to consider useing a monarchy 18b between whatever player you choose and the amp, its a dac with a volume control and has plenty of drive. It will improve the sound of most low to mid priced players and they are pretty cheap used. TG
Some of the older Sony models such as the 557 I believe. They're also built like tanks and have wonderful transports
I think one of the best players to use in this siutaiton is the California audiolabs CL-15. They do not make this player anymore but I saw one posted here recently for $750. This player has an actual volume control for just the purpose you want to use it for.