CD players and HDMI

If cd player mfgs and 2 channel preamp mfgs offered an HDMI connection from a cd player to a preamp vs using analog interconnects, would that offer a sonic improvement? It seems to have done the trick in home theater......what about in two channel?
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Perhaps another way of stating things is hdmi was implemented for blue ray picture and sound. Because of the higher bit rate storage, these discs along with their audio is of this higher bit-rate. There are few 2ch blue ray discs and or few 2ch pre's with hdmi-in.--It took high-end processors a long time to catch up to mass market receivers, so high end 2ch pre's w/hdmi-in may be a while; if they ever come out w/ such.
Sony SCD-xa5400es has two channel analog and HDMI for MCH (or 2CH if you want). If you just want a CD transport the Oppo 980 universal player is the cost effective way to go for audio over HDMI.

I have a Compaq 8510w laptop with HDMI output, and a Burmester 061 cd player with a HDMI input. Would it be possible to use the laptop as digital source and connect the laptop to Burmester 061 via a HDMI cable and get good sound?

Another option is ofcourse to use the firewire output and buy an interface to convert to s/pdif. However, the easiest way around this is the HDMI route...

Cheeers and thanks, ToffenG
If by CD player, Mitch includes those that play SACD, doesn't HDMI offer the advantage of direct digital output from SACD so you don't have to rely on the DAC in the player?