CD recorder Marantz or Pioneer

I plan on purchasing a cd recorder to copy only cd's, has anyone used the Marantz DR-17 or Pioneer Elite PDR19RW.Which is better or any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.Also the DR-17 will copy HDCD cd's does anyone know if the Pioneer will.Thank You
All of my recordngs are made with either my own mastered recordings or from my own sources. I don't believe I should have to pay to record something I own. I don't believe in bootleging or advocate it. If you want the best recording possible you really need to buy a professional unit. If you feel quilty recording your already purchased source, I would suggest that you mail the 30 cents directly to the artist. Does anyone know how they determind who gets or how the money gets divided. Call me a bit skeptical but I bet it gets eaten up by corporate America and very little if any goes to the artist. How do they know I've recorded a 30 year old album of some dead artist. Oh, I am sure there are mystics looking at tea leaves and passing $10 and $20 to Howling Wolf in the after life. Or does it go to some fund set up for his family. If you believe this I have a bridge to sell you. Really, I believe the money goes directly to the big boys at Sony or Warner Brothers. Think about it. If anyone knows the truth please educate me.
Hi Ram.. & Don..; I really meant it when I said that I didn't want to stir up a big controversy on this topic. In the course of researching CD recorders for purchase, I kept coming across references to the effect that a portion of the cost of consumer CD-Rs went back to the artist(s) under the SCFM system. I have no way of verifying these statements, and you have no way of disproving them. If nothing else, the SCFM system works in that it prevents wholesale copying and thus major piracy and sales. I choose not to be cynical and trust this information. I occasionally make 2 or 3 copies of a CD for use in my truck, portable use, sometimes for my daughter, or friends, but I really wanted the recorder to make compilations, eg a collection of music that exists nowhere else. It makes me feel a bit better to think that some of the consumer CD-R cost goes back to the recording artists or even the recording industry-- without them we'd have less or even no recorded music. I don't feel guilty about it, and "sending 30 cents to the artist" is, of course, sarcasm on your part, and I'm sorry if I made anyone feel defensive. Donjf said he only wanted to make copies of CDs-- like I do. It sounds like you use your professional CD recorder quite a bit differently than me, eg your own recordings, and putting old LPs onto CD-- honorable uses IMHO. If so, enjoy. As to quality of recording (CD to CD), I would be happy to compare the W739 copies with the "professional" copiers. Happy recording. Craig
Hi Craig & Ram, Craig I agree with your opinion.I read a review from the Jan. issue of AUDIO on the HHB CDR-850 and it was very informative.The one thing I found very interesting is it stated that the sampling-rate converters are not always audibly transparent,however,and some CD recorders with such converters keep them in the circuit even when the incoming signal is already at 44.1kHz.This will,at the very least,change the data,and it may affect the sound.So it's a good thing the CDR-850 lets you bypass its sampling-rate converter when necessary.In fact,if your source recordings are always at 44.1 kHz,they recomended to just leave the sampling-rate converter off.Also has anyone used a Genesis digital lens anti-jitter unit between cd transport and CD recorder to see if it makes a better sounding copy.A interview in Audio Advisor with Paul McGowan stated he had a two CD's of same recording and one disc had more jitter.He then played it through the Lens and made a digital copy with a CD recorder.When he played the copy back through the Lens it sounded much better than the original factory-pressed CD.If interested I have two Lens(s).One I use between my McCormack SST-1 transport and Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transport to Kimber Kable D60 digital cable to Camelot Technology Arthur V3.0 DAC.(still waiting for the Camelot upsampling 24/96 dac I ordered).Iplan on using other Lens with CD recorder and will let you know how it works if you would be interested. Don
Hi Don; good point re: sample rate converters. I'm quite sure the Pioneer W739 also bypasses the SRC when the signal is 44.1. Craig
Sorry if my comments seemed sarcastic. They were worded that way inorder to make a point. I truely meant it when Isaid mail it directly to the artist. Here is a better solution: Buy a professional unit and use consumer grade cds. However, I doubt the artist you recorded will ever see a penny. Also, you should check out the ad converters. Often times the consumer units are compromised. One way to solve this problem is to buy an external ad and by pass the units. There are several affordable units on the market. An added advantage to the pro unit is the flexibility of the inputs and out puts. You can use AES-EBU and lower jitter. Anyway, in my opinion you have the best options with a pro unit and you can always use consumer data.