CD recorders

Hello Audiogoners. I'm new to CD recording and know absolutely zilch. I need a unit which will give me an ability to archive my analog albums/tapes. I have an OK system - Goldmund Studio/Cello (Miabi) cart./MFA Lumi so I want something that will give good results. I made a couple of CD to CD copies in my computer and they suck.

Questions are:

1) The main problem as I see it is setting the recording volume correctly. How do you do it when recording from an LP? Does the machine first store it on it's hard drive and sets level or behaves like a cheapy and uses auto level control with a limiter?

2) TDK recorders are very inexpensive and include a large internal hard drive, which will aloow me to shuffle tracks/albums etc. Downside (or is it?) is that it records on Music CD-Rs.

3) Do HHB recorders have internal hard drives?

4) Can one play CRs recorded at 24 bits in a regular machine?

5) Which machines are recommended within reason dollar-wize?

Thanks to all.
I use the Alesis Masterlink 9600 which is great for making Cds from records as well as CDs. Check into one...a lot of guys who do ehat you are uses one. Read the threads under Alesis. It was rated class A component by Sterophile.