CD/SACD player output options

I had an NAD M5 CD/SACD player I purchased approx. 6 yrs ago - - lost my entire system in a house fire couple months ago (GRRRR !!!!).  While looking to replace what I lost, question is:  why is there such a dearth of CD/SACD player/transports (other than McIntosh MCT-450) with an XLR/balanced digital output option?  Has the technology advanced to a better option (for stereo listening) option than having a balanced in/out system (which I had before the fire) from start to finish??  
Check out Luxman. Their SACD players have both balanced and digital outs. I have the D-06 and it is a great sounding piece. 
I guess the real question (upon re-reading this post) was really to have BALANCED DIGITAL OUTput, as the NAD had (to feed into a Theta Gen VIII DAC/preamp) which DID survive the fire . . 
Forgive me, but then the digital output is only for your redbook CD, right?  You can’t transmit the DSD data on an SACD via AES/EBU.  The Mcintosh units, for instance, specifically state that you need to use the MCT DIN for the DSD data. 

If you are looking for redbook CD with digital balanced output, you can always go back to NAD. The M50.2 player/streamer (which I own) has digital output and is a good CD player. Can’t do SACD, can’t even do DSD but you can download high res FLACs/WAVs/etc and transmit them to a DAC via AES. 
I use an Ayre CX-7eMP player as a transport and it has a AES/EBU (XLR) digital output. 

It looks like there are many CD players with XLR output, but I just want to make sure that I'm correct when I say that SACD output (DSD) does not work over the AES/EBU link.  If you're listening to an SACD over XLR, you must be listening to the redbook CD (16/44) data, not the DSD data.
Some manufacturers (like DCS) support DSD over AES/EBU but it’s a proprietary setup that will only work with other DCS gear. It sounds great btw, especially when you use dual AES connections and use Transparent Ref XL cable ...
comfort: there are many disc players out there with XLR outs.
no offense, but a person will find them by going to the manufacturers websites. 

Your NAD M5 appears to be part of the higher end NAD series. 
That NAD line is very good, and the OPPO (sorry guys) is NOT a proper replacement. The Oppo does many things well, but nothing really well, particularly the transport mechanism (power supply, circuitry) that I have A/B tested myself. Compared to the Sim CDP, the Oppo was a pip-squeak. 
I then immediately sold the Oppo. 
Thank-you all for your responses . . so it appears that although I THOUGHT I was getting true SACD playback, I actually wasn't (it did sound great, tho).  Since I'm (re)starting at point zero, are there any thoughts on good (not ultimate) CD player/transport options to optimize a balanced throughout system??  Once again . . Thank-you !!