Cd Storage

I am looking for a piece of furniture to store my cds. My 2-channel system is in my living room. The sound system is in a Salamander Synergy (that has a drawer already filled). I need a decent looking piece that will store at least 800 cds. It could be something that also acts as an end table, or can sit alone.

I got mine through Big Bang Electronics; the make is Leslie Dame. I imagine that a piece that would hold 800 CD's would be too tall for an end table. Check out their website.
For what it's worth, I found a fantastic shelf which, while not designed specifically to hold CD's/vinyl, is great for this. It's made by Blue Dot, a design studio. The shelf is extremely handsome with blond wood which uses powder coated steel shelving. It is versatile in terms of shelf height, so you can store CD's or vinyl. And you can add on another section(s) to it later when you acquire another 800 cd's.I really love it. I have it completely filled with cds/vinyl. Go to: /, look at the "D2" shelving and storage. This is what I have, and it's beautiful. Good luck!
I had a woodworking friend make a Shaker inspired cabinet that holds roughly 2,200 single CD jewel cases. He has built several CD/LP storage units in different configurations and sizes. Whatever you do, get something with room to grow your collection.

Here's his URL where you'll find photos of some of his work in the media storage and entertainment center arenas:
Try this link.
I love my "the Cubes" they each hold 300CD's, built like tanks, nicely finished, and can be used as end tables or side by side, see my "beauty and the beasts" system for pics
Go to and check out the CD-600 rack, which hold 600 CD's and is infinitely expandable (you can just gang multiple sections together for storage in multiples of 600).

I love mine.

2nd the Boltz. Sturdy, efficient, good looking, small footprint, and modular/expandable. For the absolute best prices, go to:
I don't have a table type CD unit but do have a wall mounted one I had made. You can see it at: