Cd storage..what's an audiophile to do?

I have a small Cd collection of about 200 discs. It is already difficult to find a way to find a rack to store them in and I do not even have the >1000 disc collections that some of you have. So I ask you, how do you all store these large CD collections and as an extra bonus question how do you arrange them?
jdwek: know in advance that the finished basement in our house is, but for the laundry room, my exclusive enclave. (o.k., i do occasionally invite my bride of 34 years to watch a dvd or two). that said, i use 3 different cd racks, as much for aesthetics as "classification." (NB: i also store about 2,500 of 5,000 my lp's in self-designed, professionally built cabinets in my soundroom, too.) i have, first, a rotating soundstyle rack that holds 250 cd's; this stores my folk collection. second, i own a 1000 cd rack made by billy baggs. this is divided by my own classifications, only i understand; each classification is alphabetically arranged. (see "high fidelity," a great movie for record collectors; highly recommended.) the top shelf stores "boxed sets," other than classical. shelves 2 & 3 are devoted to classical music. shelf 4 is solely for grateful dead. shelves 5-7 are "rock," shelf 8 jazz, shelf 9 blues and shelf 10 soundtracks and musicals. a third cd rack, which hold about 300 discs, is built in as part of my lp storage units. it houses: (1) unopened discs; (2) "heavy rotation" and demo discs; and, (3) replacement jewel boxes. in addition, i usually have 100 or so discs on top of equipment racks and various tables i've not gotten around to storing. i have room for another 1000 cd rack but need more desperately to buy shelves for the rest of my lp's. i recommend your purchasing or building as large a cd storage system as you can accommodate. rest assured, you'll fill it sooner rather than later. -kelly
Flush them down the toilet, buy a turntable, listen to records. But.....if you have to..... I keep a collection of about seventy or eighty, for when I ride the train. I keep the jewel boxes in a horizontaly situated suitcase, that I sized to fit the jewel boxes. The discs themselves, I keep about twenty, in each of a number of case logic 12/24 CD wallets. Then I can just grab a CD wallet, headphones, and discman, before catching the train, Elmo.
Hi Guys,
an audiophile must close all cds in a refrigerator, and listen only Lp's
JD use link below for good assortment of inexpensive CD
storage systems from 100 to 1000+ Of course you should always buy bigger storage than you now need, or make sure it is modular for future expansion.

Boltz system is moderately priced system with a high tech
look, but has no back so can look "cluttered" against a
wall, however I like the industrial appearance.

These are nice, and relatively inexpensive, wood racks available in several finishes. I have one w/ 250 cap. that's very solid, and I plan on replacing it with a larger one in the not-too-distant.