Vinyl record storage in Harvey's office, Suits TV show

Does anyone know what the make of record storage furniture shown on the TV show "Suits", in Harvey's office is? Maybe just made for the show, but If it's commercially available I'd love to know.



Best show ever!

 I wondered the same thing about who built it. It gets moved a time or two to different offices as the show progresses. 

I think I watch the show because it is a good show, because of the babes, and because of Megan Markel, the best of the babes.  After that, maybe for Harvey's record storage devices.  But I have noticed them, not so much because of their special design as because they are rather plain and functional. You'd think Harvey would insist on racks with doors, so the LPs would be out of sight.

I'll bet Donna knows, Lol.  She knows everything.   And she's pretty hot.  I did notice he was into vinyl tho.  


Would you like me to refill your Sildenafil?

Why would you ever want to hide those lovely records? Nobody has ever asked me why I did not put doors on my cabinets.

Unlike Harry Bosch, or Sherlock Holmes in Elementary, Harvey doesn’t show off an elaborate audio system, but he do have a sizable collection of presumably vintage jazz records. Cabinets are probably bespoke…courtesy of set designers. If they showed his system, what would it be?  McIntosh MA-352 and MT-5 product placement is my guess.  

He’s got equipment there, but you don’t get to see it close up or the speakers either. Mijo, I don’t understand your remark about viagra, but Harvey is a high powered Wall Street lawyer, and we are not.  I might have thought he’d hide the LPs just to enhance the decor of his office but obviously the writers and directors of the show want them in plain sight to reveal a softer side of Harvey the character.

The fictional Harvey probably has speakers built into the walls or on them. I’m in the middle years of the show but I think he did play music once or twice, jazz.

Hey, I don’t think it is anything special being that the turntable is not very expensive. Even the cartridge is a MM Ortofon Red. That’s a $99 cartridge. The speakers are basic Klipsch speakers that changed to Wharfdale. I just can’t imagine playing those nice records on a conical stylus. I did hear some records played on the show but most likely it was a digital copy that was inserted. Not a digital record. It is a good question about what model is the record rack? Most likely it was made for the show. 

It annoyed me terribly that the records were not perfectly vertical. Great show until Mike & Rachel left.

Today the use of Vinyl being portrayed in the World of TV and Film, usually suggests an individual with the interest, has an above normal standard of education and sophistication, usually somebody who is unique in what they have achieved in life or career.

Even Captain Kirk has a Valve and Vinyl Set Up in the year 2259, it looks like the use of a Vinyl Set Up being a visual impact of suggesting an individual is quite unique, will be with us for a long time.

I wonder why Kirk chose Vinyl over Nano Electro Magnetic Transferred recordings, with an Archive of 400 years of recording available at ones thought command 😁

By 2259, if we haven't already destroyed ourselves or the planet, it probably will be possible to plug one's brain directly into a music feed.  Audio systems will be obsolete.  On the other hand, because audio systems will be obsolete, there will surely be a bunch of underground diehards like us who continue to use vinyl as we know it today.

It's fun to look at TV shows and movies from the past that speculate about the future.  The original Star Trek series made some great imaginative leaps but was still bound by 1960s American culture and their perspective of a future framed with 1960s conventions.  What I mean is, if you could bring someone from 1963, who is around 50-60 years old to our 2023, the culture shock would be much more overwhelming than the technology advances.  Sure, both together would certainly be completely overwhelming.  

Now imagine bringing someone from 1923 to 2023.  Again, the cultural changes would be overwhelming to the point that they probably would have little to no frame of reference with which to ground themselves.  Top that with the technology changes and they would be frightened out of their wits.  Bring someone from 1823 to 2023 and they would have no frame of reference for the technology or the cultural changes.  Only the hardiest person could likely survive the sudden change.

We can speculate what the world might be like in 2073 or 2173 but we are bound by our own cultural and technological frame of reference.  Star Trek gave us a lot of clever ideas but they still had pen and paper and walkie talkies.  One episode showed a flat screen TV standing on a desk with a remote control.  That was remarkable for 1967.  I read that Gene Roddenberry wanted to do more with cultural progressiveness but was censored by the network.  The original Blade Runner movie depicts a dystopian 2019.  The author's depiction of climate change was insightful but kind of went the wrong way- it still doesn't rain a lot in LA.

Cultural differences are not easy to grasp and accept.  Adapting to a new culture takes time and effort.  Anyone that has lived in different places around the world or even just different areas of America knows what I mean.

Anyway, I don't want headphones and I don't want implants in order to hear my music.  I want everyone in my house to hear what I am playing.


Oh, and House (the TV Doctor show) had the best TV show stereo system.  He had a Sota Turntable in his office.  I can dig it.  (That's from the 1960s- the saying not the TV show.)


Amazon Alexa started out in this world as Ivona.

Ivona was created solely as a mimic, of the USS Enterprises voice command computer.

Trekkies, if ever enabled a time travel to the future, will never be too shocked by the Technology Culture Shock, Spacecraft quite capable of Atmospheric Re-entry, surely the Mobile Cell Phone is also a mimic of the Trekkie Comm's and the Trekkie Phaser all but a Wireless Taser, and most importantly 'Babes' at the forefront playing very important roles in Science.