CD Transports

Since CD transports just spin the discs, would I be justified in spending a lot of money on one, or buy a reasonably priced one (both units being well respected), and put the extra money into a more expensive DAC?
So if I'm remembering correctly, the NuPrime CDT 9 is very jittery for a modern transport.  Is that right?
So I was just on PS, looking for anything about the I’s-1 or I’s-2 connection and found nothing, not even the cable under Products/cables. I haven’t had a chance to call, do you know?

Just curious.

I spent quite some time trying to find a Proof for some of these notions. the most fun part of my activities was posted here.
These last few weeks I found another "proof" that not all spinners are born the same: when setting dBpoweramp CD Ripper onto Secure (recover errors) mode, my Lenovo's internal CD/DVD drive would take HOURS to rip one CD. For practically every track of every CD being ripped, it would try to "recover errors". Before you ask: since I fix Discmans for fun, lens and mechanism were clean. Once I bought this external LG DVD/CD drive, bit-perfect rips are done in minutes. 
I talked to PS Audio about the I2S connector, and was told it a type of HDMI cable that comes with the Player.
The I2S format that PSA and Wyred4Sound use transfers the clock and datastream separately from transport to DAC. The result is less noise/interference than S/PDIF, USB, optical which transfer all signals together.
An HDMI cable is used to carry the individual streams.

I used it between PS Audio components and found it to be very smooth with low noise, presenting a realistic image.