Recommended Transports for an Audio Aero DAC

After researching this weekend, there isn't a whole lot of information out on this specific topic.

Any recommendations for a reasonably priced transport (pre-owned) that gives a whole lot of bang for the buck would be sincerely appreciated.

I will be getting the DAC (latest MKII version) by the end of the week, and will mate it with a Denon 2200 for the time being.

Get the proceed cdd, I use it with my AA DAC its almost the same unit as the ML No.37 theres one listed on audiogon for $900 fantastic vfm.

The Sony DVP-S7700 (with mods) is really a magical Transport. I have compared it to dozens of other CDP's and transports. It is just better, more natural and live sounding. I believe the digital signal processing and dual-laser is the reason. It's jitter is not particularly low, but better than most that use can oscillators.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
april audio, 47 labs, audio note, north star, metronome to name a few. They should all sound incredible with a DAC of that caliber
My turn to give you advice!
I use a ML 37 transport and 36s DAC.
Had Proceed CDD and DAP.In a nut shell:ML 37 much better than CDD. 36s not that much better than DAP.The transport is going to give the detail the DAC the character of the sound.Proceed indeed very good value used.Look for a ML 31 or 31.5 Transport and that may be the last money you ever spend on a CD player.My rule -Spend the most on the transport . 31 or 31.5 with Aud Aero DAC should be fantastic!
Good Luck
Blue Bull
Please note that the 31.5 is not made anymore.MLevinson also not going to make dedicated CD transport anymore.If you find one used ,take it !Same for the 37 also.No use in having the Aud Aero DAC and using a less than top notch transport.(I bought my 37 used as well.)
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Blue Bull

I use the Metronome T20 transport with my AA Prima MK II DAC. Works really fine !

Renaat Mattheus
Imarkr, every now and then a G&D Transforms UTP-1 pops up on Gon..........Worth about 1K and you won't find better out there with jitter under 5ps, balanced and single ended hook-ups and it is really ugly so you won't expect too much from it..........
Rethought question.Perhaps Proceed CDD is value for money bargain.Has been discontinued.Now even selling for less,used.Think it will combine well with AA dac.
If you can ML 37 or 31 or 31.5
Good luck
Blue Bull