CD Tweaks and Longterm Damage

I was reading the blurb for LAT International's C Diamond CD treatment. They bragged that it has a ph of 7, while some other tweaks they have tested have ph values as low as 5. The latter they claimed would damage CDs over time, just like Armorall did for those who used it.

Has anyone tested the ph levels for Optrix, (new and improved) Auric Illuminator, or Vivid? Do any of these pose a longterm risk for CDs?
I have been using Auric Illuminator for all of the several years that it has been out. If it has caused any damage to any of my CD's, then I haven't noticed it yet.
Try Walker's Vivid on your CD's it is a vast improvement over the Auric Illuminator. A friend and I did a blind comparison using several types of music on 3 identical computer burned CD's. One plain(no treatment), one with Auric Illuminator, and one with Walker's Vivid. Both of us easily preferred the Vivid in a blind listening test.
The Auric was better than no treatment, but the Vivid clearly outshined the Auric.
I agree, PH isn't what damaged my CD's back in the mid 90's, it was the petroleum in the Armor All that did it.

And yes, I did wipe mine thoroughly.

I will not use anything on my shiny discs that has oil or wax on it, period. I learned my lesson.