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Best Power amps in $7000 range
TRL M-225 mono blocks @ $5500. 
Too excited not to share - TRL Dude tubed preamp
Just wait until you hear the new M225. Let's just say that my old Mono blocks are going back to TRL, ...You are in for a huge surprise. :) 
TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp
Well said, Guys, ... it just sounds like music. Chaz 801: Where are you located? If you live in Eastern Washington, you can hear mine.Or maybe one of the TRL amplifier owners that live closer to you cab help out? 
Top 5 sounding cd player in the 1000-2000$ range
TRL Sony 900 battery powered. There is a very nice looking Gold one for sale now at $1750, here at the 'gon. 
TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp
Actaully, the battery power supply for the Sony 900 also feeds the 5 volt regulator that supplies the digital board. I believe that the only sub component powered by the unit power cord is the 3.3V that drives the transport motor. Brian or Paul wo... 
Good Power Cord for TRL Modded Sony SCD-CE595???
You are right, Tvad. TRL should have a more complete web site and maybe even a forum borrowed/stolen from another site? They really need a "for sale" area, too, for the guys that paid big bucks for a mod, waited a year to get it, just to find it w... 
TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp
I can feel and understand your excitement. I've owned a TRL ST-225 since June or July of 2005 and have even added a pair of their 500 watt battery powered mono blocks, after hearing Howard's (Hchi) before they left TRL.I even wrote a review back i... 
Anyone still using a TRL modded Sony?
I'm still using my TRL battery Sony 900 and it has trounced some very high dollar players, ... well known high dollar players in my system.for what it is worth, they've done well over 1000 digital player mods and you don't see any for sale. 
Review: TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V SACD/CDP CD Player
Galliant Diva: Quite an impressive system. Have you recieved your battery powered 900 yet?Jack 
Has anyone heard the modified TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V
You should hear the Sony 900 with the CRL power cord. Even with the battery supply ...Jack 
Review: TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V SACD/CDP CD Player You're right, stock the DVP-NS900V isn't very impressive. Should you decide it isn't worth the money, you won't have any problem selling it here on Audiogon. Best,Jack 
Anyone making plinths? WTB
You may want to ask Audiogon member "4yanx". He has built several custom plinths for various Lenco's and Thorens, with beautiful inlay work. He made me some custom wood knobs for my TRL ST-225 integrated which are perfect ... exactly what I wanted... 
Review: TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V SACD/CDP CD Player
What, yet another satisfied TRL/Sony 900 owner ... ???(However, this one battery powered. :)It is on another level guys and worth the price of admittion. It takes a player which is fantastic and makes it much, much more dynamic, gives it an even q... 
Record-playing Rituals?
That's where I usually buy my RRL, Rolloff. There or from Galen Carol.Best,Jack 
Best Temporary Record Cleaning Options
I agree with Doug. I've found that RRL and a vacuum RCM are the best methods. There are plenty of ideas that have been shared on this forum and in the Vinyl Asylum forum regarding DIY vacuum cleaning machines.I have several friends who use an old ...