Celestion Ditton recap observation

Hello vintage Ditton fans

I just thought I would mention I recently finished a recap on a pair of Ditton 662's. I have done many recaps on Ditton speakers. 33's 44's  25's, 66's & 662's

If you are listening to a pair that have not been recapped then you are truly missing out on just how good these speakers can sound.

I have recapped many brands of speakers. The Ditton series really really respond/come to life, more than any other speaker that I have personally recapped, after this work has been done.

So give yourself a treat and bring back the old Dittons. You won't be dissapointed. 

I would be happy to pass on my knowledge if anyone is interested.


Hello, I’ve just found this thread.

i’d love to ask you some adivce abaout recap my Ditton 44.

i found them awesome speakers, Ilike their look and their vibe especially in the mid-low frequency, but I miss details and air in the higs.

I feel forced to open the higs on all the amp I tried with.

I’m not an expert but I can get this job done bu a friend.

could you please email me some instructions at : albylizhard@yahoo.it ?


thank you so much in advance


Hi PK,

I'm in the same happy boat as Alby and would love to get your insights. I have the 33s and was wondering what caps you found to benefit the most. Thanks Much!

Sincerely, Rmclain

Hi I have a pair of 662s that I bought new in 1980 and they seem to have lost their bass response. I would like to know a source to purchase caps to recap them .

Pk if you could give me some info on what caps you used I would appreciate it