Celestion SL6S

Hey all,

I picked up a pair of Celestion SL6S speakers in really good shape.  I had a pair of these, back in the early 90’s.  I always really enjoyed them and thought, hey, buy another set…

I got them hooked up in my system:

MacBook Pro > Denafrips Ares2 > Rega Elicit-R > Celestion SL6S

what I’m finding is the the treble is really rolled off sounding, more so than I remembered.  I’ve put my ear next to each driver and they are all playing.

Anybody have any thoughts on what can be causing the rolled off treble?


I have owned two pair of the SL6s, and I do believe that the treble is slightly rolled off, but not nearly as much as the copper domed original SL6. Still, it's a smooth non-metallic treble to me. Have you tried experimenting with cables?

on a related note , i didn’t know that Celestion UK made home audio stuff when I came a cross a small 8 or 10 inch subwoofer in Best Buy on a blowout price for less than $100 USD ... wow that was an awesome sub... only 100 watts but I really enjoyed it.

My tale involves my SL600's, not the SL6. I found them to be a bit bright, even with my Quicksilver Mono Amps. String tone was always just a tad thin. I also somehow managed to kill two tweeters.  Luckily, my dealer was able to install replacements each time. As a side note, one of the speakers fell to the floor, one day. Did I drop it? Or did a Southern California earthquake knock it off its stand?  The fall bent one of the speakers' corners, but the thing still worked fine.


Yeah, one more installment in my ongoing saga of stereo woe.

I haven’t tried other cables; however, I would say my cables are fairly neutral.  My USB cable from the MacBook to the DAC is an audioquest coffee.  The interconnect, power cables, and speaker cables are DIY Helix Image.  I would say they are extremely neutral with great imaging and texture that allows for great soundstage separation.

Also, other speakers don’t roll off like these in the same system.  Could some of the old crossover parts be shot?  Could the tweeters be tired even though they are playing?

I couldn't commit to buying the SL600s due their lean tonal balance, but boy the imaging!  I still remember listening to Peter Gabriel's "So" LP at a dealer, and it was spooky good!

I remember hearing the SL6s back in the early 80s. The distributor loaned the dealer a pair. I almost bought them on the spot! Thought they were excellent speakers.

@kb54 well, I can tell you that I had one of those spooky experiences over the weekend.  The highs are still rolled off, more than I remember, when I owned them years ago.

All I know is that the soundstaging, midrange, and even the bass (it wasn’t deep of course) was something else…