Cello Audio suite or Cello audio palette

Can somebody tell me what will be more musical Cello Audio suite or Cello audio palette when using as a pre-amp ?
Can somebody tell me what will be more musical Cello encore or Cello audio palette when using as a pre-amp ?
I do not have the money to buy both the Cello audio suite + the Audio palette so I have to make choice .
Are you trophy hunting or trying to build a music system? At your budget, even if you have to fly somewhere to do it, GO LISTEN FOR YOUR SELF. What's an extra couple of hundred dollars tacked onto a purchase that big? Your one component will cost more than most of our complete systems!!! I'm not jaded ... even if I sound it. Please take your time and listen to both advise and your own ears. Your budget gives you options that can provide you with an amazing system ... if that's what your looking for.
Hmmmm...Not sure you have asked the right question here. These units are very different anaimals. The suite can be configured to suit your audio needs and budget; basic or premium boards etc. If you are CD only and have a digital volume control then look at the Palette mv version. If you are into those black shiny things that spin you can get a better line/phono than the Cello. The previous follow up whilst direct and to the point was right. There are too many questions you have to ask and answer. If you do then the one you have posted would be a different question. One question is why am I after audio jewelry. Nothing wrong in that and if you are then you have to buy both; the suite first and then the palette as well as the speakers of course. I know I used to own a complete Cello system. What do I have now; A 46 Labs system and it is better!
Hi Peterrussell,
So do you mean if you only have CD as a source that the Cello audio pallette can sing better compare to Cello audio suite ?? Because I only need the CD as a source, I do not listen to analog anymore.
Thanks for your reply
Peter, would you pls respond to my email adress privately ?
i have a few burning questions for you, you seem to be the right guy to answer these.. superclamp@planet.nl
big thanx !!
FYI = Former Cello Designers Launch Mods for Vintage Cello Reference Components. Viola Audio Labs, a new high-end audio company, composed of the original Cello engineers and management have developed new performance modifications to the vintage Cello Reference components like Cello’s Audio Palette and Audio Suite.

The Enhanced Replacement Electronics that have a variety of uses and can be installed in the Audio Suite, the Audio Palette, or both to enhance performance. These are replacement boards that are placed in the signal path of each of these vintage products. The enhancers will provide greater openness, phase coherence, detail and accuracy. Operation with the enhancers installed will produce less noise and less distortion. The Cello Audio Suite preamplifier modules (model numbers: P301, P100, P201 and P200) can each be enhanced. Doing so reportedly results in a clearer, more accurate music presentation.

For more information about the Viola Audio mods, news about new designs by Viola Audio Labs and or service to your current Cello components contact Viola directly.

Viola Audio Labs
315 Peck Street
New Haven, CT, 06513
203.772.0435 telephone
203.772.0569 fax
E-MAIL: anthony.disalvo@violalabs.com