Changeing RCA to XLR

Has anyone made this change to there tone arm connection box, from RCAs to XLR balanced. Whats your reasons and was it worth it.
I've done exactly that, changed from RCA to XLR at the rear of my turntable and replaced my tonearm cable with balanced interconnect.

I think my sound was improved slightly by the connector upgrade, but mostly it's a matter of eliminating partial connections, hum and accidental disconnects when working around the equipment.

There's a nice, secure feeling when you "click" the phono connection into place, knowing it's securely fastened and making maximum contact.

All that being said, I'll take an upgrade in cable with RCA over XLR at lower quality. If you can manage both, it's the best of all worlds.
I agree with Albert, XLR gives a much better connection, and even though his phono stage input isn't balanced it will accept an XLR connector so the secure connection does give you peace of mind.

Whoever decide that the RCA connector was a good standard (if you can call it that) was a moron.
I did the same thing to my TT a couple of years go. The best advantage going balanced from the cartridge gives you is a huge reduction in noise floor. Because now your connection between your cartridge and your phono stage is not affected by AC lines. You of coarse MUST be using a fully balanced phono stage though to be immume from any AC hum. Not just having the good cannon XLR connections will give you this. Ideally using fully balanced componets from the cartridge clips to the XLR power amp inputs are the very best noise immuity. Since changing my cartridge connection to balanced and adding a good balanced phono stage, my vinyl is much much closer to CD quietness now. Gota shake my head sometimes, it's that quiet.